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Diet plan for muscle building in budget

Diet plan for muscle building in budget

Here is the full day eating plan of muscle building for those who not afford high protein diet, supplements etc. especially for students. So this diet plan is easily available at very cheap rates on your nearby shops. For muscle building, you have to take a proper diet as well as rest which is very important. So make sure don’t skip your diet

How many calories you should take for muscle building

Role of calories in your diet: if you eat too few calories, you will not have enough energy for your tasks, and you will not gain muscle. If you have too many calories, you could start to store excess fat, so this will help you in a workout and you will gain muscle.

To find calories which you take for muscle building. Firstly, take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 14 to get your lower calorie and multiply it by 17 to get your higher calorie.

There are some sources (protein, carbs, fat, and sugar) from these you get calories for muscle building. In 1 gram protein you get 4 calories and same calories you get in 1 gram from carbs. In 1 gram fat you get 9 calories and 4.2 calories you get from sugar in 1 gram.

Forex. If you take 2000 calories in a day for muscle building.

From protein= 100gm so it will be 100*4 = 400gm protein

From carbs = 200gm so it will be 200*4 = 800gm carbs

From fat = 50gm so it will be 50*9 = 450gm

From sugar = 50gm so it will be 50*4.2 = 210gm

So this is the calculation of calories you can take.


Diet plan:

First of all, whatever is your goal like muscle building, weight loss, cutting etc. you have to take water it is so important. Water intake should be 3 to 4 liters in a day. And there is good benefit you get when you eat a balanced amount of protein, carbs, and good fat.

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Meal 1: 4 pcs of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and 6 egg white including 1 egg whole

Meal 2: chicken breast with brown rice

Meal 3: salad and vegetable juice

Meal 4: 4 chapatti, dal, 1 veg. and 1 cup of curd

Meal 5: pre-workout- 2pcs of brown bread with peanut butter or a banana or creatine or coffee

Meal 6: post workout- 6 egg white with 1 whole egg (optional whey protein)

Meal 7: dinner- 2 chapatti with veg. or pulse and 1 cup of brown rice.

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